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If you thought our Series A Financing, was big news…

“Integrating BinSentry sensors with our Cargill Nutrition Cloud Platform helps animal producers, feed mills and their customers get the right feed for specific animal groupings in their operations. This also opens up opportunities for truck route optimization and better production scheduling in feed mills.”

– Scott Ainslie, Vice-President, Cargill Animal Nutrition


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…you’re going to love who we’re innovating with now!

Innovative Design

Our self-cleaning sensor does not require power or internet to be provided on-site, nor does it modify the feed-bin. It just works!

Simple to Install

Installed in 15 minutes or less by BinSentry Certified technicians. We worry about the install so you don't need to!

Internet Connected

No more worrying about internet connectivity on-site. Our sensors use IoT LPWAN networks to ensure they're always connected!

The BinSentry Solution

Our innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution, enables feed mills to effectively track on-farm inventory, dramatically increasing operational efficiencies. Powered by solar and operating on low-power, long-range networks, our sensor transmits data to the cloud for years on end without requiring service. From there, our intuitive software provides powerful on-farm insights to our customers: feed-mills and vertical integrators - and their producers.

Transportation Efficiency

Equipped with accurate information about on-farm inventory, BinSentry enables your organization to plan more efficient and fewer routes to the right places at the right times, reducing trips to farm and total miles traveled.

Customer Satisfaction

Build sticky customer relationships by providing your customers peace of mind; knowing they'll have the right amount of feed when they need it. Low product notifications, days to empty tracking and delivery calculators make feed ordering easy - or better still; automatic.

Increased Safety

Climbing a feed bin to check inventory level is a risk you don't want to take. BinSentry provides you accurate and timely inventory information without your customer or employee having to climb a bin -- or hammer away with a mallet...

Production Efficiency

Late or unexpected feed orders are the worst enemies to optimizing your production schedule. BinSentry helps your organization to operate proactively by providing a snapshot of what products will be required on what sites, multiple days in advance.

Fewer Ordering Errors

Eliminate costly errors such as under-filling bins, resulting in extra trips or over-filling bins leading to product waste and excess time on site. BinSentry data enables your organization to better manage end-of-crop inventory ensuring last loads are just right and there's no need to shuffle product between bins.

Worry Free!

At BinSentry we understand that what you really care about is the data so we don't make you buy the hardware. Our Full Service monitoring solution includes free-installation and lifetime warranty for the duration of the contract. You just tell us how many bins you need monitored and where - we take care of the rest!

Still have some questions?

Just a few of the market-leading businesses enjoying the BinSentry advantage…

…But don’t just take our word for it, here’s some feedback from our users!

We use BinSentry every single day to validate scheduled deliveries and adjust orders in order to maximize bin fill, avoid feed outages and ensure livestock are still on track with projections. BinSentry also enables us to calculate a customer’s last-load before birds ship, where accuracy and delivery quantities are especially important! BinSentry helps us avoid costly deliver errors and catch them immediately if they do occur.

Nicole Avery Poultry Customer Service Rep, Wallenstein Feed & Supply

BinSentry has undoubtedly given us more insight into our customer's needs. On one occasion a customer called and cancelled their order saying they had enough feed, but BinSentry had alerted us that the feed was low. Opting to trust BinSentry, I decided to take feed to the customer anyway. At 6pm the customer called to tell us that the bin in question had just run empty - just as our delivery truck pulled into the yard! The end result: BinSentry was correct and the customer thanked me for taking matters into my own hands, which in turn benefitted the customer!

Jill Van Vessum Customer Service Representative, Nieuwland Feed & Supply

Our farm system has been ordering feed with the use of the Binsentry platform for just over a year and without the incredible features provided to us through BinSentry software, we would not be able to order feed successfully. The features that are most valuable to our feed ordering operations are the ability to look at our level history , last reading, and average daily consumption of our bins, to determine whether or not we need to send feed before we run empty.

George Slater Senior Business Analytics Manager, Belstra Milling Company

Many of our larger customers have now incorporated BinSentry into their daily workflow and place their orders with the assistance of BinSentry or alternately, have an employee at the Mill check their inventories for them and place orders based on BinSentry data. It's now easier than ever to confidently place an order on behalf of our team and our customers, and it shows through our continued daily successes!

Ben Bell Transport Customer Care Coordinator, Wallenstein Feed and Supply

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